Little Brother
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Little Brother, a Political Thriller with a Science-Fiction twist, packs a powerful and potent message. The non-linear and engaging story is based on the fictional life of a best selling author and Nobel Peace prize nominee who is armed with an unbreakable determination to battle tyranny, and fuelled by haunted memories of a dark past, as she challenges the status quo. The main narrative of the film takes place in an interview between our heroine and a high profile news anchor, as we get to know her intimately through her words as well as dive into her past and believe it or not, future memories.
Director Statement

Technology can be used for freedom as well as oppression. The issues surrounding governmental suppression of freedom are current and prescient and the ramifications impose a great threat to our future. Little Brother explores the thematic dualities of the promise and peril of technological progress. Inspired by some of our favorite films on the subject, such as 1984 and V for Vendetta, Little Brother, our first film, was made from our belief that the ideas presented are important to us all. As governments issue more surveillance and control mechanisms on freedoms, the themes we present, wrapped in a fictional story, embody our fears for today, and our hopes for tomorrow.

Cyrus Saidi & Gautam Pinto   Writer / Director / Producer
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